The quality,
innovation quality
The quality,
innovation quality


Spinning materials: flax fiber, hemp fiber, ramie fiber


Weaving yarn: 100% flax yarn, flax cotton yarn, flax viscose yarn, flax polyester yarn, flax Tencel yarn, flax modal yarn

公 司 简 介


佳 愉 纺 织

       公司始建于2003年,是一家集亚麻纤维及亚麻纱线生产、销售于一体的综合性麻纺企业,分为一个亚麻纤维加工厂和三个纺纱车间. 公司坐落于浙江省北部杭嘉湖平原桐乡市二环西路与振业路交叉口,东连嘉兴市秀洲区,南邻海宁市,北毗德清县、杭州市余杭区,西北接湖州市南浔区,北界江苏省苏州市吴江区,地理环境优越,交通便捷。

       Founded in 2003, the company is a comprehensive linen spinning enterprise integrating linen fiber and linen yarn production and sales. It is divided into one linen fiber processing plant and three spinning workshops The company is located at the intersection of 2nd Ring West Road and Zhenye road in Tongxiang City, Hangjiahu Plain in the north of Zhejiang Province, connecting Xiuzhou District of Jiaxing City in the East, Haining City in the south, Deqing County and Yuhang District of Hangzhou City in the north, Nanxun District of Huzhou City in the Northwest and Wujiang District of Suzhou City in Jiangsu Province in the north, with excellent geographical environment and convenient transportation.


       At present, it has the world-class Murata VCF and tray type automatic winder, equipped with Uster 3 electric cleaning, auto leveling drawing frame, blowing carding combined with Uster three wire machine, and equipped with Uster full set of quality control and testing equipment, which not only increases the design and development capacity, but also strengthens the product quality.


       The company has been producing and selling weaving yarn: pure hemp yarn, linen cotton yarn, linen viscose yarn, linen polyester yarn, linen Tencel yarn, linen Modal Yarn; spinning raw materials: linen fiber, hemp fiber, ramie fiber; and other new hemp fiber and linen yarn products.



       Weaving yarn: pure linen yarn, linen cotton yarn, linen viscose yarn, linen polyester yarn, linen Tencel yarn, linen modal yarn.


       Spinning materials: linen fiber, hemp fiber, ramie fiber.



Business philosophy: win customers with first-class products, and condense employees with sincere feelings.


We should seek development with constant reputation and pursue high efficiency with innovative spirit.


Warmly welcome friends from all walks of life, industry colleagues to visit guidance, seek common cause!


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